Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updating my profile on ResearchGate

I'm updating my profile on ResearchGate, the scientific "social" network. I know that several scientist are not very confident with this kind of tools. However, scientific activities lie on the same principles as social web tools: collaboration, participation and spreading. Of course, not every social app in the web are suitable for scientific activities. But even widespread sites like Facebook could be useful with the right guidelines, although it could be easily misused.

I've joined ResearchGate long time ago, but it is now when it take my attention. I'm becoming more and more sharing aware. I think that our scientific activities should pass the "journals walls" and web 2.0 tools are helping me in change my mind and attitudes. ResearchGate is a good platform where you could find scientists looking for answers or even to share their knowledge. Yeah, maybe ResearchGate is not fully mature, but I think it has a big potential to be the basic platform where worldwide scientist make their relationships. Let's see.

Andrés Pérez-Figueroa